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What is holistic massage?

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 The holistic approach considers the persons whole being, creating a calm and stress free environment by relaxing your own body and mind.

It is also relaxing for the therapist.

It involves flowing rhythmic strokes which encompass the whole body. All massages use similar techniques, but holistic massage helps you to focus inwards allowing you to reconnect and awakening your inner potential.

​I believe that if anyone can just allow themselves to reconnect with their own body and have that space, it can help you re-centre and align creating some calm, restoring and awakening the inner body.

Life is all about balance you don’t need to always be getting stuff done, sometimes it’s perfectly ok to shut down, kick back, and do nothing. This allows you to reset your mind and grow to become whatever you want to be.

Here are just a few benefits of how massage can help?

  • relieves muscle fatigue, tiredness and stiff joints

  • encourages sleep

  • promotes general relaxation

  • reduces anxiety levels

  • increases energy levels

  • improves self-esteem and body image

  • boosts immunity


What to expect during your holistic massage?

A consultation will take place to find out about your lifestyle, how often you work, your diet, sleep patterns, health conditions and so on. This is purely to get a picture of where you might be experiencing stress in your life and will enable me to give you a safe and effective massage. Everybody goes through various states of health, physical fitness and emotional stability and is unique.

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Where will my massage take place?

Due to the rebalancing capabilities it is important treatments are carried out in a calm environment. 

I will ensure that you are warm and comfortable on the treatment couch. Lights will be dimmed and relaxing music can be played.

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